Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a time limit on when construction must commence?
Currently there is no established time limit set; however, the HOA will have the ability to put one in place if desired.

Once construction begins is there a time frame for completion?
18 months

What is minimum square footage?
The total floor area of the residence shall be not less than 2,500 square feet for a one story dwelling and 3,000 square feet if more than one-story with the ground floor having not less than 2,400 square feet.

Are all utilities provided (sewer, water, fiber)?
Yes, all underground utilities will be brought to the front of each lot on the street.

Will there be a Homeowners Association?

What will annual HOA dues be?

Will there be an architectural review to approve of all homes?

Will it be a gated community?

Do you have a select group of builders or can you choose your own?
You may choose your own builder. Plans will be subject to architectural review committee guidelines.

Do you provide financing?

What are the building restrictions? Minimum square footage, design?
A complete set of our community restrictions and guidelines will be provided upon request.


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